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Raudonu Plytu Bocmano Usai and Kranto Kritikas


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Raudonu Plytu Bocmano Usai and Kranto Kritikas

I still can’t understand why Brick by Brick brewery changed its name to Raudonu Plytu. Maybe he decided to become more Lithuanian, closer to the people? Maybe it makes sense in the local market, but for imports, you must agree, difficult to remember Lithuanian names are more of a disadvantage.

Nevertheless, I have always liked the brewery, despite the fact that some squeamishly refer to it as “Krafty”. Yes, it is a subsidiary of the Švyturys brewery, which in turn is part of Carlsberg. At the moment, I personally do not see the point in dividing beer into craft and non-craft. It’s all very blurred now.

I started my visit to Prodexpo 2022 at the Švyturys stand, where I tasted Kranto Kritikas. As I said before, you can only superficially evaluate beer at exhibitions and festivals. At home it is more relaxed and manageable. Therefore, two bottles of Raudonu Plytu were tasted in a calm atmosphere.

Bocmano Usai (Klaipeda, Lithuania) – 6/14 I first tasted this beer when it was still called Bosun’s Moustache. Five years ago, it seemed delicious. What can I say now? Still, it’s a great beer. “I probably wouldn’t give it an A-, but it’s a B+.

Aroma of fruit, moderately sweet body with a touch of caramel. Citrus and herringbones in the aftertaste. Everything is in its place and nothing is pressing. What more you need for a classic American IPA!

Kranto Kritikas (Klaipeda, Lithuania) – 6,2/14,3 I will also confirm what was said in the frame – a very good NEIPA. Tropical and sweet citrus in both flavor and aftertaste. The taste is soft, velvety. Not a lot of bitterness, which is required in New England. Rated “B +”.

In addition to Raudonu Plytu I was also presented with a bottle of Compass VI imperial stout from Švyturys. There will be a separate post about it.


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