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Strakovice light and dark beer


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Strakovice light and dark beer

When I saw the Strakovice stand at Prodexpo, I thought it was another Czech private brand. I went over and talked to them, but no, it was a varnish of the Czech Republic from the Smolensk “Varnitsa”, or rather, brewed at Varnitsa for the Krasnodar distributor “Pivtorg”.

Why? Looks nice, just like the regional Czech Republic. The name is very similar to Strakonice (a city in the Czech Republic). It’s easy to get confused. In that sense, the marketing worked perfectly!

Choosing Varnica as the producer, not a bad decision either. The beers from this brewery are clean enough, but still have a little bit of an aftertaste that fans of regional Czech love so much.

Strakovice Svetle (Russia, Smolensk region, Kardymovo settlement) – 4.7/12 Malty aroma. Taste malted, empty with a slight touch of wet cardboard. There is almost no aftertaste. Simple, dull beer. No mention of hops. No strong defects (except cardboard) noted, but also the taste is almost zero. The grade is “C-“.

Strakovice Tmave (Russia, Smolensk region, p. Kardymovo) – 4.5/12 Dark malt is of course a bit better. Dark malts give at least some flavor and aroma. A little caramel, but the taste and the aftertaste is still the same emptiness. At least you can not feel the cardboard. You can drink it, but do not see much point. Grade “C”.

I do not know what the price of this beer on the shelf, but given the pricing policy of Varnitsa – I think it’s not very expensive. Perhaps the design and naming combined with the price and play a role. For myself again, I don’t see why I would buy this beer.


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Strakovice beer
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