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Volfas Engelman Bordo beer


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Volfas Engelman Bordo beer

Volfas Engelman continues to expand the line. That’s the problem. You can’t remember anymore – have you tried this beer or not? I don’t know how long ago Volfas Engelman Bordo appeared on the shelf, but I noticed only now. Discovered at Globus, but I’m sure there are others somewhere else.

Naturally, attracted by the name – Bordo. Tamsusis did not say anything in particular, but in Untappd it is listed as Dark Ale. So what is it in the end?

Volfas Engelman Bordo (Lithuania, Kaunas) – 4.2/10.3 Aroma is weak, slightly caramel. Very beautiful, rich dark burgundy color. The name does not lie! The taste is a little watery, but for a 10.3 ENS is quite acceptable. Caramel, some red berries. There’s even some nice tart hops in the aftertaste.

Somewhat similar to the new “Red ale” from Baltika, which caused a storm in the glass. Can’t say they’re the same, but there’s something there. C+ rating.



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Александр Иджон
Volfas Engelman Bordo
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