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Zlata Koruna Czech Pils and Svetly Lezak Beer

Czech Republic

по Djons

Пиво Zlata Koruna

At Magnit I bought not only the Red El from Baltika, which caused quite a stir in part of the community. It is understandable – how dare Baltika release something different from the Euro-lager and, moreover, tarnish the bright name of “Red Machine”! But that’s not what we are talking about today. I also bought at the same time the Zlata Koruna beer, which Igor Korchagin recommended to me a long time ago.

Apparently, it is a private brand brewed at Liberec Vratislavice brewery, whose brand name is Konrad. Also, this brewery was recently in my review with Prazan beer. Koruna costs 73 rubles, if anyone is interested.

Zlata Koruna Czech Pils (Czech Republic, Vratislavice nad Nisou) – 3.8/9 In aroma and taste honey (aging?). The taste is full-bodied for such a density. More specifically, it doesn’t leave a watery feeling. Malty. The hops are noticeable and pleasant, in florals and fresh grass. After some time there is a bit of cardboard, but very little. Overall, a pleasant, unobtrusive beer. Rated B-.

Zlata Koruna Svetly Lezak (Czech Republic, Vratislavice nad Nisou) – 4.8/11 Oddly enough, liked it less than the less dense. The cardboard is much more noticeable and comes out at once. The hops seem coarser. The flavor is malty. Overall, the usual Czech regional. Not the worst and quite adequately priced. Rated C+.

If anyone misses the Czech regional beer with its advantages and disadvantages – a good sample for a fair price. It’s a shame that it’s only available at Magnit.


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Zlata Koruna
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