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Beer card – beer from the Belarusian Krynitsa


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Beer Map - beer from the Belarusian Krynitsa

On YouTube, I’ve been saying lately that we’re saying goodbye to imported beer. I was wrong! The imports will stay! Here it is, the imports that are always with us – beer from Belarus. In the store chain “Stoffmarket” in Ruza I bought a “craft” series Beer Map from the Belarusian Krinitsa.

I tried the beer card about five years ago, when Slava Vetelyev and I went to Minsk in a limousine. Those were the days, and now the moments… Back then, this beer seemed quite good, especially against the background of various Belarusian regional beers like Brest, as well as the hollowed-out Lidsky and Alivaria.

Beer Map. APA (Belarus, Minsk) – 5.3/12 Aroma for APA is weak. Mostly fruity notes. In addition, a distinct iron in both flavor and aftertaste. There is not much bitterness. In the aftertaste of fruit and caramel. This beer is more likely to refer to the usual pale ale. If it were not for the “iron”, it would be quite beerable. Rating “C”.

Beer Map. Brut IPA (Belarus, Minsk) – 6.5/12 Brewed in collaboration with the Belarusian Valaduta Craft Brewery. The cooperation was beneficial. There is no iron tone here. I wouldn’t call this IPA dry, though. Perhaps the residual sugars in it are indeed small, but there is no feeling of “dryness”.

Otherwise, not a bad IPA. Aroma and aftertaste of citrus. There is a little bit of marmalade “lemon slices. Quite a tart. 6.5% alcohol is not felt. Rating “B”.

Beer Map. Porter 8/20 (Belarus, Minsk) – 8.5/20 According to TTX, a classic Baltic porter. Aroma has wine notes. Full-bodied, but no definite “full-bodied”. Slight acidity from the burnt, but not a strong burnt taste and aftertaste. More caramel. Well, porter can be like that, quite acceptable, but personally I would like more coffee notes. C+ rating.


Alexandr Idzhon
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