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Beer from Atmosphere Brewery

I shot a video about Atmosphere Brewery in Klin not so long ago. That’s why I won’t tell you about it in detail – watch the video. At departure, Pasha and I were given “homework” in the form of a box of beer. Something had already been tasted at the brewery itself, and something I drank at home.

Pink Boots (Klin, Russia) is a 7.2/16.5 IPA brewed with chili peppers and a blend of hops used by followers of the Pink Boots movement, a non-profit organization that supports women working in the brewing industry.

Honestly, I don’t really understand why they should be supported, what and where is the oppression they get? But if they do, they should.

Quite a mild IPA with a touch of “bubbly gum” and a touch of pepper. Grassy hop notes and a pretty dense malt body. Good thing the pepper isn’t strong and doesn’t overpower the taste of the beer. Grade “B”.

Spicy Beet Game (Russia, Klin) – 8,5/20 Series “Game”, a variety of vegetable (primarily of course tomato) gose. In this case, gose with beets and garlic. There is practically no garlic. Beet is like a borscht and without the earthy hue found in many beet beers. It’s a little spicier than the Pink Cobbler, but not extreme either. I traditionally do not rate this beer.

Desert Light (Russia, Klin) – 16.5/35 RIS aged in Littlemill whiskey barrels, with the addition of coconut. Understandably powerful stuff. In aroma, chocolate and coconut. The taste is moderately sweet. A little bit of burnt. Alcohol is not felt at all, and therefore very dangerous! Grade “A-“.

Overall, I really enjoyed the beer from Atmosphere Brewery, both at the brewery and at home. I’ll put it on my “watch list.”


Alexandr Idzhon
Atmosphere Brewery

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