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Beer from Barbarus Brewery


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Beer from Barbarus Brewery

A small selection of beers from Barbarus brewery. Pasha Egorov and I visited this brewery last year during a trip to Serpukhov. The brewery is small. When we were there, there was no bottling yet. I don’t know if they had installed their own line or were using someone else’s equipment, but the cans were there.

Barbarus Slumber Party (Russia, Moscow region, Serpukhov) – 4.4/11.6 Beer in the style of kölsch. As befits this style, floral aroma and aftertaste. Malt body. In my opinion, it lacks a little “crispness” and sparkle. But otherwise, it is a pleasant beer without defects and not badly balanced. Rated “B”.

Pool Party (Russia, Moscow region, Serpukhov) – 6.3/16.9 The aroma has tropical and somehow earthy notes. Bitterness to some extent apothecary, but not much. Regardless, the beer is drinkable, although not the best representative of American IPA. Rated “C”.

After Party (Russia, Moscow region, Serpukhov) – 8.2/19 Powerful DIPA. Just like a regular IPA has a little bit of aptitude in the hops, but otherwise not bad. Fruit and dried fruit in the aroma. The flavor is full, caramel. Noticeable bitterness. C+ rating.

What we tasted at the Barbarus Brewery itself was much more interesting. Of course, beers straight out of the tank or right after bottling always taste better than those that have been stored. Maybe it was the bottling itself, though (oxidation, etc.).


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Barbarus beer

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