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Пиво Holsten Light

It seems that the release of light beer for the summer season has become a general trend. Baltika has also joined this trend by brewing Holsten Light under license. It is not clear what the prospects are for licensed beer in the current situation, but I bought this one at Red and White. I do not remember the price, but as you know – not expensive.

Holsten Light (Russia, Tula) – 4,2/9,8 Upon opening the nose immediately hits the smell of light, the smell of “skunk”. The reason – a fashionable transparent bottle. Question – if not using a special isomerized hop extract like Tetrafresh, resistant to light, why pour in a bottle like this? It’s probably pretty and youthful, but the smell…

Basically, if you let the beer stand and breathe, the light from the aroma goes away. But, in this case, the “skunk” remained in the aftertaste, which made the beer completely unbeerable. After half a glass, I had to pour it out.

Otherwise, as expected – malty, watery. It seems that somewhere you can even catch a hint of hops, but the lighting spoiled everything. And if you compare this beer to counterparts, such as Zhiguli Barley Barley, Holsten Light loses on all counts. Rated “D+”


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Александр Иджон
Holsten Light beer
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