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Interstate Cafe Beer by Main Rule


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Interstate Cafe Beer by Main Rule

I went to Beru Weekend today. Prices went up… Nothing to drink again. I stood in front of the windows for ten minutes, full of great thoughts. As a result, among the motley crowd of crafts stands I saw a brewery, Main Rule. I picked up a can of IPA called Interstate Cafe.

Already at home I started looking for information on the brewery. I scoured the Internet, asked the advice of older friends – I don’t know who it is. The label says “Pants LLC” and the address is in Istra. In the photo on Instagram you can make out a shop of some kind of brewery. Question – is this their brewery or contractors?

Untappd lists as many as 54 brewed beers. If this is a new brewery in Istra, when did they have time?! If contract brewers – what is there to hide? The site is totally uninformative.

Interstate Cafe (Russia, Moscow region, Istra) – 6.8/15.5 Aroma is bright, you feel it as soon as you open the can. Citrus and a bit of candy, like “Lemon Slices” marmalade. After such a flavor, you expect the appropriate body, but alas. The flavor is a failure. For 15.5 you feel a little watery. In the aftertaste also citrus, grapefruit tartness and a little pineapple.

On the whole, not a bad IPA, but a little bit lacking. Plus, after a few sips, a little something herbaceous and apothecary is added to the citrus. Not much, but it’s there. I’ll rate it a C+, but it probably makes sense to try something else from Main Rule.


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Interstate Cafe beer
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