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Kanec Beer

It was hard to start blogging again. If someone says – people are dying, the economy is flying into the place we were all born from, and you’re talking about beer… That’s not true! I expressed my opinion on what’s going on in the last “Foam of the Day” video. By the way, there are far fewer freaks than I imagined. I’m glad they all got off my back and glad so many people share my position.

But, please don’t write here, in the comments, your attitude to the war. Any comments. I’ll leave the blog solely for the beer theme. This does not mean that I am silent or turn a blind eye. If you want to discuss it, welcome to my personal FB page.

These days, I want to find some sort of fulcrum, so I’ll continue with beer reviews, although I realize that most of them, we will not try any more…. Also, I won’t repost the reviews on social networking sites just yet.

Another regional Czech beer is Kanec. It is brewed at Zámecký pivovar Břeclav in the town of Břeclav. It is believed that the brewery was founded in 1522, but as always, this is a marketing ploy. In this year the brewery was built at the castle. The building of the present brewery came much later, of course.

Kanec Extra chmelená 10° (Czech Republic, Břeclav) – 4.1/10 A typical Czech “dysitka”. Relatively clean, although not without the usual rag. In the aroma of wort and hops. For such a density, the taste is quite full. In the aftertaste malt, honey and some hops. Rated “C +”.

Kanec Hořký 11° (Czech Republic, Břeclav) – 4,5/11 Malt aroma and taste. The hops are quite noticeable. The rag is much stronger, but this is a “chip” rather than a “bug”. A typical regional Bohemia. Grade “C+”.

Kanec 12° polotmavý (Czech Republic, Břeclav) – 5/12 Caramel, malt tones in the aroma. The taste of figs, caramel. A bit of a pleasant bread crust. Unobtrusive and organic hop aftertaste. A pleasant beer. Rated B-.

Now it is pointless to speculate on the acceptability of the price of this beer. Can only say one thing – not the worst Czech regional, but also nothing outstanding.

I will continue to post beer reviews as long as there is something to post. No one can say right now how bad it will be. My predictions are not comforting.


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Kanec Beer
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