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Kronenbourg 1664 Rose beer


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Kronenbourg 1664 Rose beer

Yesterday I noticed Kronenbourg 1664 Rose in Pyat’kochka. It seems that Baltika has seriously decided to take up the market of “flavored” beer. It is not clear whether this direction will develop further in the current conditions, but considering that the release of new beer is a long story, the launch of Brooklyn and this novelty was prepared well in advance. They made it in time for the spring season, well done!

I’m not a big fan of fruit beers, but I quite accept their right to exist. Why not refresh yourself with something like this in the summer? Most of the truth is represented by different “cherries”, although (again, in my opinion and taste) making something berry is more interesting with wyzenes and blanches.

Both of these styles have a certain fruity flavor and aroma by themselves, and therefore, adding something else to them would be more interesting. Understandably, no one adds berries or fruit in fresh or even dried form in a large production setting. Juice concentrates or natural flavoring are used.

I treat this kind of thing evenly and do not faint from their presence in the composition. The main thing is whether it tastes good or not.

Kronenbourg 1664 Rose (Russia, Tula) – 4.5% alcohol. In the aroma and aftertaste pleasant raspberry. Raspberry is not very chemical and does not block everything else. The taste is soft, wheat, a little bread. Light acidity and you can even feel the coriander.

As I said above, not a bad beer to refresh in the summer, and in general will suit anyone who likes a fruity and berry theme. Rated C+.


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Kronenbourg 1664 Rose
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