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Saku Kuld beer

So as not to leave K&B with only Holsten Light, I decided to get something else from imports. I looked at Untappd and found out that I’d had Estonian Saku for sure, but for some reason I hadn’t written about the Kuld line, even though it had been on the market for a long time. The price has gone up, of course. Instead of 60 rubles, it became more than 80, but that’s not the most important thing. Will it continue to be supplied? The big question. Bought.

Saku Kuld (Estonia, Saku) – 5.2/11.9 The aroma has a little floral. Nice, full, clean, malt flavor. In the aftertaste there is also a bit of a hop. Not immediately apparent, but after a few sips there is a slight tart bitterness. This beer is a bit like Zhiguli Bar. A good table beer. Rated B-.

Saku Kuld Unfiltered (Estonia, Saku) – 5/12.2 For those who like a light yeastiness. Also not a bad example of a mass market kellerbeer. Malt, a dash of yeast. Flowers in the aroma and aftertaste. Very light hops. Like the usual – a good, smooth clean masmarket. Not to say that empty, but certainly without the frills. Rated “B-“.

Of course it’s a pity that they stopped bringing Saku IPA, but I have a feeling that soon any import will be a blessing.


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Saku Kuld
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