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While the prices of imported beers are storming the stratosphere and the notorious Spaten in Zelgros is already 249 rubles, and its admirers are shudderingly waiting for the licensed version – “Red and White” holds its prices! The new beer, straight from France – Champigneulles, from Brasserie Champigneulles brewery, for only 80 (79.99) rubles.

Why is the beer suddenly from France? Very simple – Champigneulles brewery is part of the German group TCB, which owns such well-known brands like – Frankfurter and Feldschlößchen. Champigneulles is currently the largest beer producer in Lorraine.

It was founded on June 20, 1897. Moreover, it was not a very small brewery from the beginning. When it opened, it employed 32 people and produced 7,500 hectoliters of beer. By 1898 it reached 25,000 hectoliters and before the First World War it was as much as 210,000 hectoliters.

Having survived both World Wars, the brewery not only continued to grow but also bought several breweries – Tourtel in Tantonville, Brasserie de Fort Carré in Saint-Dizier and the Prieur brewery in Strasbourg-Königshoffen. In 1966 it merged with Brasseries de la Meuse and Brasserie de Charmes to create the European Brasserie Society (S.E.B.). This new group operated 23 production sites in France with a total volume of 6 million hectoliters. The Champigneulles plant was for a long time the company’s largest facility.

In 1986 S.E.B. merged with Kronenbourg, which was later bought by the BSN Group.

In 1995 the Champigneulles became the 2nd largest French brewery with a production volume of 3 million hectoliters and 350 employees.

Danone (formerly BSN) sold Brasseries Kronenbourg to the Scottish & Newcastle group in 2000. Faced with a steady decline in the French beer market and the declining popularity of the beer, Kronenbourg decides to concentrate its production at the Obernai brewery in Bas-René. In 2006 Brasseries Kronenbourg and Scottish & Newcastle sold the Champigneulles brewery to the German TCB group.

In early 2012 the brewery re-launched its historic Champigneulles brand. In 2016 it was again the second largest French brewery with an annual production of 3.7 million hectoliters.

Champigneulles Continental Lager (France, Champigneulles) – 5,5/12,5 The aroma has an alcoholic note and some fruit. The taste is full, malted. In the aftertaste alcoholiness is noticeable only when the beer is either too cold, or on the contrary, warmed up. At 10-12 degrees there is nothing like that. But overall, a hollow, though clean, lager. Nothing special. C grade.

Champigneulles Blonde Biere d’Abbaye (Champigneulles, France) – 6.2/14 Typical blonde. Pleasant fruity aroma. Full. caramel flavor. Light hop in a dryish aftertaste. Maybe not a masterpiece, but quite good. First tasted it in 2018 and noted some kind of extraneousness. This time, there’s nothing like that. It’s smooth and clean. Rated B-.

Champigneulles Bière Blanche (Champigneulles, France) – 4.9/11.5 There is a lot of coriander in the aroma and aftertaste, and such, pungent! The coriander goes into a kind of “bubblegum”. On the whole, everything comes out not very piquant and balanced. Far from the best representative of the style. Grade “C”.


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