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Heineken Silver

Happy Cosmonautics Day! Just today I saw a beer from the Domodedovo brewery called “And Fly” brewed just in time for this holiday, but I did not have time to try and write. Therefore, about the novelty from Heineken – Heineken Silver.

It seems that all the brewing giants planned for a new season of market recovery after the pandemic and planned a lot of new products. And that’s how it turned out… Let’s try one last thing.

Heineken Silver (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 4/9,5 The official description presents this beer as something special, with the premarpening at -1ºС (that’s unusual how!). Plus.

“A unique 4% premium lager with a crisp and subtle finish with Heineken Original’s signature fruity aroma.”

The original had a skunk flavor (lightening), which, however, went away fairly quickly, but there was no fruit either. You can’t call the taste empty or watery at 9.5% ENS. A little malt (no sweetness), very little hop in the aftertaste. Overall, clean, empty and impersonal.

Some strong differences from the usual Heineken, the Heineken Silver did not find. Probably, if you compare it head-on, you can catch something, but more difference in name than in taste. If you are not a fan of the brand, there is no point in drinking. Grade “C”.


Alexandr Idzhon
Heineken Silver

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