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Khovansky Lager and Jacobinus Hefeweizen

Belarus, Germany

по Djons

Khovansky Lager and Jacobinus Hefeweizen are two of the beers I drank at the new bar, Birvaria.  The bar was opened by Nikita, the host of the YouTube channel of the same name. It turned out to be a kind of “local pub,” a format we are sorely lacking. I wish I lived in those parts anymore, but it’s not far from me anyway. The address of the bar is Moscow, Leninsky pr. 99.

Khovansky Lager (Belarus, Vitebsk) – 4.8% alcohol. The beer is brewed at the “Dvinsky Brewery,” where we once brewed a mega collab with brewers from three countries – Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. It was a great time! At the same brewery, the Moscow brewery “Triger” brews under contract. Khovanskoye is brewed by Triger in collaboration with Birvaria.

The name refers to another famous blogger, Yuri Khovansky, who once said that this is the kind of beer he misses. What, “that kind”? A light, easy-to-drink, without all the nonsense of hops.

The aroma immediately and unequivocally points to the regional Belarusian production – cardboard and rags. The taste is really mild, thanks to the low carbonation. In the aftertaste, besides a little cardboard a traditional malt note. There are few hops. Claimed to be a helle. Grade “C”.

I don’t understand what “edgy” Khovansky lacked, when every first regional (not only in Belarus) beer is exactly like this – empty and with defects.

Let’s move on to the German regionals.

Jacobinus Hefeweizen (Eschweg, Germany) – 5.6% alk. I wrote about this beer from Eschweger Klosterbräu brewery a long time ago. That was in 2014, and Hardinger beer for a whopping 90 rubles at the time did not appeal to me. I also drank Jacobinus, and I didn’t like it either, except for Pils.

Weitzen is quite classic. Banana and cloves in place, but no zest and even more so full-bodied. For those who don’t like fatty weitzenes would be fine, but far from outstanding. Grade C+.


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Khovansky Lager
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