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Lager Lime and Original Lager from Volkovskaya Brewery


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Lager Lime beer

For those who did not know and have forgotten, I remind you that Volkovo Brewery is not only what you see in supermarkets. Volkovskaya Brewery has two more mini breweries (one in St. Petersburg, the other in Moscow) and plus a 100-liter micro.

From time to time, I stop by the brewery that’s on Kursk and try different novelties. Unfortunately now they’ve started to repair the underpass under the platforms, and I have to make a detour to get to the brewery bar. Nevertheless, I got there and tried the novelties and the oldies.

By the way, chocolate stout is brewed not only at IPC, but still at Armagh. I did not notice any particular difference. Of the new products, there was a lager with lime with an unpretentious name – Lager Lime. Original Lager was before, but is now on a permanent basis and poured in cans (recently put a can line).

Lager Lime (Russia, Moscow) – 4.5% alcohol. The aroma of lime. Taste is a bit tart, and at first lime somehow dominates everything. But, after a few sips everything comes into balance and lime adds a light pleasant acidity to the hop bitterness. The beer is very refreshing and will go well in the summer season. Rated B+.


Original Lager Beer

Original Lager (Russia, Moscow) – 6% alk. Originally it was 5% and the appropriate density. Now it’s up to 6%. Full-bodied, well-hopped lager more of an American style (in the sense that the hops are American). Good malt body and balanced bitterness. In spite of the full-bodiedness and strength, it’s easy to drink and lots of it :), which is quite tricky! There are some citrus notes, but more in the fresh grass. Rated B+.

Alexandr Idzhon
Lager Lime beer

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