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Riga from Krop Beer and Morshanskoye zivoe


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Riga from Krop Beer and Zhivoye from Morshansk

For the enthusiastic idiots who rejoice at the departure (or what they announced) of the beer giants from Russia – that the regional breweries would finally rise from their knees… I went to the village shop and bought “our old-fashioned” beer – Riga from Krop-beer and Morshanskoye zivoe. Two bottles cost 170 rubles!

Riga (Russia, Kropotkin) – 4/11 The fact that “Riga” is only the name and the stylized view of Riga on the label is clear at once. I’ll remind fans of Soviet GOSTs – “Riga” beer should be 12% density and 3.4% alcohol by weight, that is 4.25 by volume (GOST 3473-78). But the most important thing is the description of the variety. “Expressed hop flavor, pleasant hop bitterness and hop aroma.” Does it have this?

The aroma is malty with a little cartoniness. The flavor is mild, malty. The cardboard is not strong. In the aftertaste hops can be guessed only after a few sips. Delicately so, on the larynx. In general – a regular lager, moderately clean (for the regions). Not Riga.

I repeat: There is no Riga except for Vyatich and Ruslan Vladimirov is its prophet! Amen! (С). Kropotkin’s notion of Riga deserves a “C” rating.

Morshanskoye Zhivoye (Morshansk, Russia) – 4.5/12 It was 2022, Morshansk finally released Zhivoye. Somebody tell the marketer, though you don’t have to, that Zhivoye is a trend of ten to fifteen years ago. However, the label has been updated, which is good!

Very similar to the previous one. Malt aroma and malt body. A little bit of bread and some hops. However, Morshansky on the hops has always been normal. What was surprising was that there is not much traditional wet cardboard and rag. It is quite drinkable even without the nostalgia hormone. Rated “C.”

And now the question – for 85 rubles is it necessary! I understand that this beer costs 45 rubles in Morshansk itself, but nevertheless. Let there be an empty dullness from the giants and let there be wet rags from the regionals. I didn’t want conditional Baltika and conditional Morshansk to close. Every beer will find its own consumer.


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