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Alpirsbacher Spezial beer


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Alpirsbacher Spezial beer

Went to Food City today to see how about some beer. Long story short, there’s beer. There’s even some new ones. At one of the discount outlets I saw a new Alpirsbacher. I’ve written about this beer many times, but more about other brands they produce. For some reason I did not write about Alpirsbacher itself, although I tasted it.

I was attracted by the fact that it is a kind of Spezial, which I have not seen on sale before. Interestingly, the bottle does not have a Russian-language label. That doesn’t mean it’s contraband. Sometimes (rarely) importers just attach a sheet of self-adhesive labels to a case of beer, saying – glue it yourself. But, that’s not the point. The point is that the sale date is listed as February 28, 2023. This means that the date of bottling 28.02.2022!

So imported beer still comes in after the war has started. Hochenbrau, bought in the Bristol pavilion there, confirmed this. The date of bottling was March 20, 2022 and the price was “pre-war” at 59.90 rubles. However, that doesn’t mean that everything will stay the same and my pessimistic predictions aren’t correct.

Let’s go back to Alpirsbacher and see what kind of Spezial it is!

Alpirsbacher Spezial (Darmstadt, Germany) – 4.9% alcohol. Here begins the interesting part. On the official website, this beer is listed as 5,2/12, and on the back label (I repeat – not Russian, no matter what they say “for Russia, bottling…) says 4.9%. Who’s to believe?!

There, on the website, it says that this beer has a powerful malt flavor. Untappd lists it as a dormunder. And yes, it’s quite in that style. It’s malty, full-bodied, but dry. After the pour, there’s a distinct glandular undertone to the aroma and the first sips, but then it goes away. A little floral. Slightly tart hops.

Bottom line – dortmunder and most likely 5.2% (counter label seems to be sticked wrongly), not bad, but not the best, although the beer twice won the World Beer Awards. C+ rating.

Perhaps I should try the entire Alpirsbacher lineup.



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Alpirsbacher Spezial
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