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Beer Bar from Bouquet Chuvashia


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Beer Bar from Bouquet Chuvashia

As promised yesterday, about the “craft series” from Buket Chuvashia under the brand Beer Bar. This beer was presented at the last Prodexpo, but I was advised not to waste my time and health on it. But the label is made very beautifully, it begs to be held in my hands! Of course, you can find a reference to the now defunct fairy tale and legend “Old Bobby”, but still it is not plagiarism and no one banned the use of images of dogs.

There are five beers in the Beer Bar series, but only two of them – Ale and IPA – were on sale (I bought them at the same Stoffmarket). That’s enough to get an idea of the beer.

Beer Bar Ale (Cheboksary, Russia) – 5,2/13 The aroma is very perfumy. Just like dishwashing detergent or some kind of perfume generously sprinkled on it. Sweet, lollipop flavor. In the aftertaste, except for all the same perfume there is little noticeable. This ale is claimed as an English Pale Ale. The description on the website reads:

A well-chosen bouquet of bitter and aromatic hops gives the beer a rich aroma and a pleasant bitterness.

I highly doubt anyone has picked anything up here, and I’m pretty sure there’s no “pleasant bitterness” in it. Most likely, a regular beer from Buket Chuvashia has a generous splash of hop oil (I’m not against its use, I’m probably even for it, but you have to do it with a head). It is hard to drink. Rated “D+”.

Beer Bar IPA (Cheboksary, Russia) – 7/16 Similar to the previous one, except that the aroma is a bit less bright and the sweetness is more. You can’t even call it a simulacrum RUIPA. Like the first, it is difficult to drink because of the same fierce perfumery. Grade “D+”.


Ситуация очень напоминает ту, когда Тагильское пиво впервые выпустило свою “крафтовую” линейку, просто налепив красочные этикетки на обычное пиво. Здесь правда ещё хмелевого концентрата плеснули. Надеюсь, что как и Тагил, Букет Чувашии быстро одумается и сварит  действительно APA или IPA. Перспектив на рынке у Beer Bar нет абсолютно никаких! Пить его не будут ни на местном ни на столичном рынке.

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