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Bolshaya Kruzka Zolotoe (Big Mug) Beer


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Bolshaya Kruzka Zolotoe (Big Mug) Beer

This spring is rich in beer novelties. The train of beer giants that started to speed up last year is hard to stop. Here’s another beer from Baltika – Bolshaya Kruzka Zolotoe (Big Mug).

I’ve always been curious – how decisions are made to release a beer like this? No, I perfectly understand that there are “development departments”, marketing departments, etc., which micturate the market, make surveys and do a lot of other useless things. Eventually it turns out – people want a fruit beer. Here you go, Edelweiss Cherry!

It’s more or less clear. But to imagine that the polls showed – there’s not enough empty beers on the market with 4% alcohol with yet another idiotic name – I can’t! Again, I understand that from time to time it is necessary to produce something new in place of the next passable beer, but how is this understanding formed and what (or who) defines such a format, brand, design?

Repeatedly asked this question at various large breweries. The answer is always about the same – it is a collective decision, long work, etc.. Moreover, the more dull the beer comes out, the more the collective mind behind it.

That’s how it is!!! I guess it’s like the poisons-if you mix them all together, you won’t get a super poison and it probably won’t be a poison at all. Okay, back to Big Mug Gold (even when declined, this brand sounds idiotic).

Bolshaya Kruzka Zolotoe (Big Mug) (Russia, Yaroslavl) – 4/9 Light malt flavor. The taste is empty, watery and with a slight sourness from the CO2, as in the usual carbonated water. There is almost no aftertaste, except for a slight malt sweetness. It’s clean, it’s empty, it’s pointless. And yes, the Big Mug is 0.45 liter. That’s how big it is!

And so, everything is feng shui – “high quality”, “GOST”, “mild taste”. Rated D+.

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Александр Иджон
Bolshaya Kruzka Zolotoe (Big Mug)
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