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Chinese beer Cheerday Jinshaung 12


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Chinese beer Cheerday Jinshaung 12

And here’s another import we deserve: Chinese Cheerday Jinshaung from Hangzhou Qiandaohu Beer Co. The brewery is located in Qiandaohu (Hangzhou province). The company is named after Qiandao Lake, near where its headquarters and brewery are located. In December 2006, Kirin Brewing Company of Japan acquired a 25% stake in Hangzhou Qiandaohu Beer Co., Ltd. for $38 million.

Cheerday is one of the main brands of this brewery, but we are more familiar with Lucky Buddha, a beer in a beautiful green bottle shaped like a Buddha. Apart from the bottle, there is nothing interesting about this beer. It’s just an empty Chinese beer, but people like it. Why?! The bottle is beautiful and the beer is tasteless, just the way the masses like it!

Cheerday Jinshaung 12° (China, Qiangdaohu) – 4.8/12 Because of the green bottle, you can immediately smell the skunk in the aroma. If you let the beer breathe, it goes away pretty quickly and there’s nothing left, in terms of flavor. The taste is empty, watery, except for a little bit of malt. In the aftertaste (if you can catch it) also a little malt and that’s it. The usual empty Chinese beer, which is called “water with bubbles. Rated D+.


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Cheerday Jinshaung
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