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Kursk beer

In Kursk, oddly enough, there is no large brewery. In fact, there are practically no mini breweries. It’s not clear what this is about. After all, in the old days there was a large brewery that brewed the beer known to many “Pikur”. After it was bought and closed by InBew, there was no alternative in the city, although there is clearly a market.

Of the mini-breweries I know only Czech Lion, whose products have recently become quite common in independent retail. Most likely this is due to the Prodexpo, where they exhibited and seem to have found customers in Moscow.

The other day I saw another beer from this brewery. The name is unassuming – just Kursk beer.

Kursk light beer (Russia, Czech Republic) – 4,6/12 Heavy smell of wet grain. Taste sweet, dirty. Wet cardboard and no hops in the aftertaste. Typical representative of a regional lager. In fresh form it is still somehow drinkable, but storage and transportation it is clearly contraindicated. Rating “D+”.


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Александр Иджон
Kursk light beer
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