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Löwen Böhmisch beer from Privatbrauerei Eibau


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Löwen Böhmisch beer from Privatbrauerei Eibau

I abandoned the “shit from…” column a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared. You can still find cheap imported beer under private labels. It is clear that these are the remnants of a former luxury, but you can still buy them and even at pre-war prices of 70 rubles. The Löwen Böhmisch beer brewed at the German brewery Privatbrauerei Eibau belongs to this category.

Privatbrauerei Eibau is (were) often found in our market under different names – From An Elite Brewery or St. Marienthaler Klosterbräu. Now Löwen Böhmisch. As in the case of From An Elite cans are not printed, but with a heat shrink. With what this is connected, I do not know. Maybe the circulation is small, or maybe it’s a business model – to pour beer into “bald” cans and at the request of the customers just shrink-wrap them. This is easier than ordering for each customer to print cans, although a little more expensive.

The can, by the way, depicts all kinds of packaging and brands that are produced under this brand. In addition to 0.5 cans, there are two-liter and five-liter barrels.

Löwen Böhmisch Pilsner (Aibau, Germany) – 4.8/11 There is a little iron in the aroma and flavor. Flowers, honey, meadow. Even has a little hop. A simple German pils, no frills, but drinkable. Rated “C +”. Tastes similar to From An Elite Brewery Pilsner, most likely because it is the same beer as everything else under these brands.

Lowen Bohmisch Summer Coco (Aibau, Germany) – 2.5/10 Didn’t look carefully raking it off the shelf, and it turned out to be a radler. Well, haven’t had radlers for a long time. They are not popular here. Call it not a Radler, but a “craft beer with coconut” and success is assured! Actually, it’s not that bad. It’s a light beer with coconut flavor. Against expectations, not sweet and quite refreshing. I will not evaluate it, because I do not know how to evaluate radlers :)

Lowen Bohmisch Dunkel (Germany, Aibau) – 4.2/10 But this is quite good! Burnt, or rather ashy aroma and aftertaste. Bread crust, figs and moderate sweetness on the palate. Pitko. Nice dunkel in the Munich style. Rated B-.


Alexandr Idzhon
Löwen Böhmisch beer

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