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Paderborner Pilger beer

Paderborner Pilger beer from the Paderborner Brauerei brewery of the Warsteiner Gruppe. This beer can still be found in some places. I didn’t write about it separately, because I didn’t find it particularly interesting and put it off for later. Once, almost ten years ago I mentioned it, but it did not get a high rating.

Paderborner Brauerei traces its history back to the Brauerei Hillemeyer brewery in 1852, which merged with Vereinsbrauerei Schönbeck & Co. in 1918 and even then got its present name. As usual, the brewery grew and by 1983 had to move from the city center to the outskirts. It is now a modern brewery and the first one in Germany to be powered by wind power.

Paderborner Brauerei

In 1990, the Nies family, who owned the brewery, sold it to Warsteiner.

Paderborner Pilger (Paderborn, Germany) – 5/11.8 The beer is positioned as a “rustic” unfiltered beer. In other words – keller beer (aka zwickel). The beer is indeed cloudy, with a lot of yeast, which is noticeable in the aroma and in the aftertaste. There’s a bit of a caramel undertone. The flavor is full on one side, but also a bit hollow.

Not a bad kellerbeer, but kind of hollowed out and boring. Rated C+.


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Paderborner Pilger
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