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The Trehsosensky Lambic Kriek


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Trechosensky Lambic Kriek

The great news is that the famous and legendary Lambic Kriek from Trekhsosensky brewery was spotted in the “Krasnoye i Beloje” chain! In light of the departure of imported beer from our shelves, a worthy (in the sense of what we deserve) substitute for the Belgian Boon and other De Troch`.

But seriously, it’s certainly impossible to imagine classic Kulchips, wild fermentation and other joys mandatory for lambic beers at Trekhsosensky brewery. It’s clear to anyone who’s even remotely into the subject that this is just a fruit beer.

I’m not against fruit beer. It has every right to exist and is popular for a reason. The only question is why write on the label what this drink is not! Yes, we don’t regulate (and we don’t need to) the conformity of a beer to the specified style. That’s why sometimes you see an IPA that doesn’t even look like an India Pale Ale and isn’t an ale at all. Porter is slightly darker than Eurolager, etc..

All of this is done in anticipation of the trendy theme and the dullness of the consumer. As a rule, it does not work anyway, but there are always those who are trying to fool everyone. Instead of Lambic Kriek, they would write “Lambic Cherry” and no problem! You could also add “alive. The consumer would be satisfied, and there would be no need to deceive anyone.

Lambic Kriek (Ulyanovsk, Russia) – 5/13 The cherry flavor is weak. I’m not an expert like those who taste the difference between top and bottom fermentation yeast, but here the taste of regional lager shines through even through the cherry. The cherry is weak even in the aftertaste.

If we consider it as a fruit beer, it is not the best sample here either. The same “Bear Under the Cherry” is better by a head. A “C” grade for Trekhsotsenka Lambic.



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Lambic Kriek
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