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Vietnamese beer Dai Viet

Let’s go on about imports! Imports stay with the man, imports don’t say goodbye to you… Not Belgium or the Czech Republic, but imports! Vietnamese Dai Viet beer from Huong Sen Brewery, part of the Huong Sen group. The Huong Sen group produces carbonated drinks, rice milk and of course beer.

I could not find any information on how big the Huong Sen brewery is, but judging by the photo it is not small. The level of the Russian regional. The assortment of beers is not very large and it seems that besides these four, there is also a red beer and some Dai Viet Super.

Dai Viet Silver (Vietnam, Thai Binh) – 4.5/11.6 Surprisingly, quite pleasant lager. I expected something “southern”, absolutely empty, but no. The aroma has a bit of apple, but it doesn’t spoil it. The taste is full, dry. In the aftertaste a little hop is even felt. Not a big deal, but clean and drinkable. Rated “C +”.

Dai Viet Lager (Vietnam, Thai Binh) – 4.7/12.1 Despite being a denser beer, the taste seemed more empty. Also a full malt body. Clean, but not much flavor or aftertaste. Rated “C”.

Dai Viet Pilsner (Vietnam, Thai Binh) – 5/11.5 Viet Pilsner sounds mysterious! However, it is indeed a pilsner. Not a Holiday, of course, but very nice. A little floral in flavor. The taste is soft and full. In the aftertaste, bread, flowers and a pleasant not intrusive, but noticeable hop. Good refreshing. This beer is ideal to drink on the beach. Rated “B”.

Dai Viet Black (Vietnam, Thai Binh) – 5.8/13.5 This is quite original. The aroma has a feeling that it contains rye malt, as the aroma has a leavened note and notes of bread. The taste is dry with a slight acidity. In the aftertaste burnt malt and bread crust. Rated “B-“.

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