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Wittmann Urhell beer


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Wittmann Urhell beer

There’s a lot to see in the corners of Food City. Besides Vietnamese beer, here’s a Bavarian Wittmann Urhell from the C. Wittmann (Carl Wittmann). Never seen it on sale before, but judging by the looks of it, brought it to us quite a long time ago. The bottling date is still September.

A little about the C. Wittmann. As usual, they say more than 400 years old. In fact, it’s simpler than that. The brewery in question is the “Zum Dräxlmair” brewery in Landshut, which was first mentioned in 1616. That’s how it was first mentioned in 1616.

However, the correct date is 1832, when the couple Michael and Anna Wittmann bought the Zum Heiß brewery and renamed it Wittmann. The brewery was then located in the city center, but due to expansion and the general impracticality of leaving production in the center, it moved to the outskirts. But the town of Landshut also grew and after a while Wittman was again almost in the center.

It is now a modern brewery, with offices in the historic Etzdorf Palace. The brewery is still family-owned.

Wittmann Urhell (Landshut, Germany) – 4.9/11.5 Aroma is pleasant, malty. The taste is soft with a bit of bread. In the aftertaste, in addition to the malted theme, a light pleasant hop floral. Excellent, smooth hops as it should be. Clean, smooth but not tasteless. Rated B+.

I wonder where the rest of the range is sold? Couldn’t they have just one helle?! However, I only found one, for “Wittmann light filtered unpasteurized beer.”


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Wittmann Urhell
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