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Augustiner Weissbier

Augustiner beer probably doesn’t need to be introduced not only to German beer lovers, but to all beer lovers in general. Augustiner is the oldest brewery in Munich. It was founded in 1328 by Augustinian monks. In 1803, at the time of the persecution of the church, the brewery was nationalized and in 1829 was bought from the state by the Wagener family, which still owns a controlling stake in the brewery today.

Augustine is a relatively small brewery, with a production volume of just under 1 million liters per year. Because of this, or for whatever other reason, this beer is hardly available anywhere except in and around Munich. There are small sales across Europe, but most of it is still sold locally. In Russia, it came through a Polish distributor and was therefore more expensive than the other Munich Six beers.

I recently bought Augustiner Weissbier in a discount shop on FoodCity for 120 rubles. The beer was at the end of its sell-by date. But, the sell-by date is the date until which the manufacturer guarantees the quality of its products on sale, so if it’s not expired – why not?!

Augustiner Weissbier (Germany, Munich) – 5,4/11,2 In the aroma and aftertaste clear banana and cloves, and both are felt and are in perfect balance. The taste is a bit dry (here I think the shelf life affected), but still full, bread. An excellent Weitzen, to which there is nothing to add! Rating “A”.



Alexandr Idzhon
Augustiner Weissbier

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