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Bistrampolis Manor Beer and Kanapė


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Пиво Bistrampolio Dvaro Alus и Kanapė

In the fall, I wrote about a beer from the Lithuanian brewery Aukštaitijos Bravorai, which I bought on FoodCity and the seller assured me was the best he had ever drunk, but they stopped bringing it and the last bottles were available. The beer, however, turned out to be very mediocre and received a “C-” in the tasting. But it looks like someone decided it was a really awesome beer and brought it back. This time, Bistrampolio Dvaro is purchased from Miratorg and bottled October 2021.

And there are five or six types of Bistrampolio Dvaro at Miratorg, plus Kanapė with recognizable leaves on the label. Unfortunately, I had forgotten which ones I had already tasted (and I was too lazy to go to Untappd), so I took a Bistrampolio Dvaro Šokolado Skonio Juodasis among others.


Bistrampolio Dvaro Alus (Lithuania, Trakiskis) – 5/11.2 Aroma is weak, grainy. The taste is sweet, malty with a noticeable rag. In the aftertaste hops are almost not noticeable and still the same raggy malt theme. In Russia, there is already such a concept as “southern lager” – beer without hop bitterness, sweetish and usually defective. Baltic lagers are very similar, but somehow subtly different. Perhaps a little more robust (the climate is colder). Rated “C-“.

Kanapė (Trakiskis, Lithuania) – 5/11 The hemp theme is not rarely used in brewing, more precisely in kraft. As a rule (if we do not take some American breweries), it is just a marketing trick to attract attention and create what is called a “hype”. Hemp seeds are added to the beer, which of course do not give any “effect” and taste as well. Well, except that a little bit of seeds in the taste will be.

The flavor is sweet. The taste is also sweet, grainy and of course with rags. Some grassy but again sweet flavor appears in the aftertaste. A dull and hard-drinking beer. “D+”.

Impressions of Bistrampolio Dvaro Šokolado Skonio Juodasis remained the same – watery, burnt and caramel. Nothing else. Good thing the rags are hidden behind it.

Alas, the third encounter with Aukštaitijos Bravorai and their Bistrampolio Dvaro left the same impression. Perhaps that’s the end of it. I doubt that there is anything more interesting and worthy in the range of this brewery. Sadly.


Alexandr Idzhon
Bistrampolio Dvaro Alu

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