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Franziskaner weissbier licensed and imported

Germany, Russia

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Franziskaner weissbier licensed and imported

The third series of comparative tastings – license vs. import. Now let’s compare Franziskaner weissbier. Apparently, AB InBew decided to replace imports with a license, while staying within the same price range. Both Franziskaner and Spaten are on sale at Pyatyeochka for 109.90. That’s about what the original cost before the war (adjusted for inflation, etc…).

What’s interesting, the imported Becks costs the same at 89.90. That’s the kind of pricing contortions. However, the difference between the license and the original, as we can see, there is no and unless you are an ardent adept of “imported ooo-o-o-o, and we have ooo-o-o-o-o-o” – nothing has changed. I think 90% of Spaten buyers won’t even know it’s licensed now.


Franziskaner weissbier licensed and imported

Franziskaner is one of the sales leaders in the wheat beer segment in Germany. Most likely, it is these, the top brands, that are transferred to the license. But perhaps it’s just because both brands are made in Germany at the same brewery and because of this, it’s a bit easier to transfer them to a license. Spaten is brewed under license in South America, but whether there is a licensed Franziskaner somewhere, I do not know.

Franziskaner weissbier naturtrüb (Russia, Kaluga) – 5/11,8 In the flavor relies banana. Taste moderately dry, floury. In the aftertaste clove notes equal to banana in intensity. Not a bad Vicenza, but I’m still a fan of “fatness” and banana. Rated “B-“.

Franziskaner weissbier naturtrüb (Germany, Munich) – 5/11.8 Here we see a clear superiority between the fresh beer and the one bottled nine months ago. In the aroma the banana is weak, more sour. The taste is dry and mealy. Moreover, the flouriness is quite strong. In the aftertaste is also a trouble with the banana tones, but the clove is a little harsh.

If I hadn’t drunk Franziskaner before (including in Munich), I would have said – it’s bullshit, not a Weizen. Depressing, flat. So here the license wins 100%.

It remains to wait for Leffe, but as I said – unlike the IPC, we will not see a good price for the license, unless there will be some action.


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