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Horn Premium


Volfas Engelman, their Horn beer, is probably the most prolific in terms of representation on our shelves. Not Denis Salnikov, of course, but there must be a couple of dozen, both under their brand and others.

As usual, the Horn brand was on the shelf only as Horn Premium for some reason, although there are also dark and strong ones. However, the wonders of Russian logistics do not rule out that they are sold somewhere.

Horn Premium (Lithuania, Kaunas) – 5/10.5 Aroma and aftertaste has a little iron, but not much. The taste is clean, malty. The aftertaste of honey and candy. Hops a little, but you can feel it. Just eurolager, which except for the “iron” to scold and praise for nothing. The beer is just food to wash down. Grade “C”.


Alexandr Idzhon
Horn Premium

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