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Kölä and Debosh from YouTon Brewery


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Kölä and Debosh from YouTon Brewery

I will interrupt for a while with comparative tastings of licensed and imported beers (although there is still Leffe ahead) and turn my attention to Russian craft beers. Two beers – “Koelja” and “Debosh” from Naro-Fominsk brewery YouTon, about which I recently filmed a video.

At the brewery really liked the kölsch, but one thing from the tank, on the spot, and another thing is a quiet tasting at home from a bottle or can. The experience can be different.

Kölä (Russia, Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk) – 4,5/12 Beer in the style of “kölsch” (this is the right word, because “kölsch” is a name protected by origin) is not often brewed in our country. Most of them are brewed because of the brewer’s interest in this style. Most consumers do not care whether it is a “regular lager” or a “kölsch. And indeed, there is very little difference in taste. It was all the more interesting to compare kölsch and “regular lager” at the brewery. It is by comparing what is called “head-on” that you see the difference.

In this case we have a typical Kölsch with a delicate floral, meadow aroma, a mild malt flavor and very little grassy bitterness. The beer is filtered, which is important for Kölsch! Kölsch should be sparkling, golden! Grade “A-“.

Debosh (Russia, Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk) – 4.5/12 Quite a decent blanc with the only drawback being that the coriander prevails over the zest. By the way, I’ve seen similar blanches by Belgians. It is nutritious and refreshing, yet full-bodied, with a touch of white bread. Grade “B”.


Alexandr Idzhon
Kölä beer

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