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Kuschter Helles Weizen

Someone in the comments (I don’t remember exactly where) asked me if there are beers from Leikeim brewery in Russia. There are, but I did not buy their basic lineup, although I tried and even wrote about one for ten years. And then, recently came across a Kuschter brand, or rather a Weizen – Kuschter Helles Weizen. On the can stated that brewed at Brauhaus Altenkunstadt, but this is most likely the same thing.

Leikeim, or in full, Brauerei Andreas Leikeim GmbH & Co KG, is a brewery located in Upper Franconia, Altenkunstadt. The brewery is run by the fifth generation of Leiikeim, Andreas and Ulrich. The brewery was founded in 1887 by the butcher and innkeeper Johann Leicaem.

In addition to this brewery, the Leucheims also own the Altenburg brewery, whose beers are also well known in our market.

Kuschter Helles Weizen (Altenkunstadt, Germany) – 5,4/12,3 Aroma is weak, banana, but with some unpleasant sourness. The taste is watery, empty. There is a banana in the aftertaste, but also very weak. A very, very mediocre weitzen. It may be okay in its completely fresh form, but here it is. C- Grade.



Alexandr Idzhon
Kuschter Helles Weizen

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