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Löwenbräu Premium Pils


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Löwenbräu Premium Pils

Finally got my hands on InBew’s second new product, Löwenbräu Premium Pils. As readers have suggested – sold at K&B, for 119 rubles, but in PET. I don’t know if there is a can or bottle version, I think there should be, since the Löwenbräu AB brand InBew refers to the “premium” segment, or “premium at a minimum”.

Löwenbräu Premium Pils (Saransk, Russia) – 4.8/11.4 Aroma grain, weak. Taste malted, sweetish like many regional lagers. In the aftertaste bitterness is not from the first sip, but it feels and feels good. The bitterness is coarse, grassy and with a malt body it’s on its own.

Yes, it’s certainly a pilsner, but a pretty mediocre pilsner. Hardly finished these 1.3 liters and the desire to buy more of it, no. However, if I see it in cans, I’ll try it again, because PET allows oxygen to pass through and the beer is subjected to oxidation. Grade “C”.


Alexandr Idzhon
Löwenbräu Premium Pils

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