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Löwenbräu Ungefiltert beer


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Löwenbräu Ungefiltert beer

The beer giants keep rolling out new beers. It seems that a lot was planned for this year in the expectation that the market should grow a bit after the pandemic. The Löwenbräu Ungefiltert beer was bought at a neighborhood bottling house. People at Untappd post what’s in the can. Haven’t seen it in a can yet.

Löwenbräu Ungefiltert (Russia, Saransk) – 4,9/12 According to the style it is zwikel (aka kellerbeer), but if not to bother and in Russian, just “unfiltered”, which is written on the label – Ungefiltert. The yeast theme is really strong in both flavor and aftertaste. A little bit of breadiness. It seemed that the bitterness is a little more than in the usual Löwenbräu, but maybe it’s because of the yeast.

Overall not a bad zwickel, although of course rather flat. Like most beers from the beer giants – clean, smooth, but a bit dull. But, that’s what mass-produced beer is. It’s made to just drink without thinking much about taste. Rated C+.


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Александр Иджон
Löwenbräu Ungefiltert
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