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Saint-Tropez – Bière de Garde by ElectriK Biker Brewery


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Saint-Tropez - Bière de Garde by ElectriK Biker Brewery

Bière de Garde (aka Farmhouse Ale), a rare guest on our shelves and taps. That’s why I paid attention to this beer at KlinMayFest. I tried it and liked it. But at the festivals to evaluate the beer is quite difficult, so I asked the guys from ElectriK Biker Brewery a can for a sample, to taste it in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Bière de Garde style comes from France, from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. It is a top-fermented beer that is somewhat similar to the German Altbier. In French garder means “to preserve”, which means that the beer must be aged for a long time and accordingly strong enough not to spoil for a long time – 7-8% alk. Although, there are lighter versions of bier-de-garde with only 3% alcohol.

As we can see, according to its characteristics, Bière de Garde has very vague boundaries. In particular, it can be both light, amber and very dark. The main flavor is malt, but the hops are not the main flavor, although they participate in the formation of aromatics and bitterness.

Saint-Tropez (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 7/15,5 Aroma: berries and caramel. The taste is dense, malty and sweet. Dry aftertaste balances it all well. The aftertaste has berry and grassy tones with a hint of mown hay. A well balanced and interesting beer. A- rating.


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Saint-Tropez beer
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