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Schlitz beer from Russia and Germany


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Schlitz beer from Russia and Germany

Continuing the theme of licensed beer, which has become “import substitution.  I will dilute the topic of AB InBew EFES, our popliteal IPC. Because of the current situation, MPK has licensed Schlitz beer.

In fact, Schlitz is licensed in Germany as well! When this brand came to us, I wrote about it. Very interesting story of this beer, which was once ahead of BUD itself in America! The story of how you can, with the proper management and imagination, flush it all down the drain (hello Tasty and Dot).

Now let’s compare Germany and Russia, Manheim and Mytishchi.


Schlitz beer from Russia and Germanyии

Schlitz (Russia, Mytishchi) – 5 /11.4 Aroma is malty, as it should be for chel, but a little with CO2. The taste is full, malty. In the aftertaste, dryish, there are a few hops and malt. Yes, a good helle, but a little less malted and therefore softer than the notorious Spaten, which was also brewed under license.

However, this is more of a taste thing. Some people like malted body, and some like it dry. Another thing is the price! Licensed Spaten bought for almost 110 rubles, and Schlitz…. 53! I will leave the evaluation “B-“.

Schlitz (Geramnia) – 5 /11.3 Here, as in the case of Spaten, more of a honey theme, but not much. CO2 in the flavor is not felt, but there is in the aftertaste. There is no cardinal difference. The usual difference between old and fresh beer. But even in different brews such a slight difference can be. The rating is also “B-“.


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