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Schlitz Weissbier

Just the other day I was comparing the German and Russian versions of Schlitz Premium Helles (you cannot call the German one “native”, because it is also brewed under license, while the American Schlitz has been dead for decades). I compared, and the next day in a neighboring Pyatoyrochka already noticed a novelty – Schlitz Weissbier. There was nothing to compare it with, because in Germany it was not brewed.

Let me remind you that the history of this brand is very interesting and instructive. I wrote about it when this beer appeared on our shelves. In short, the brand is now owned by Evgeny Kasper (co-owner of MPK) and is therefore produced in Mytishchi.

Schlitz Weissbier (Russia, Moscow region, Mytishchi) – 5.2/12.2 The flavor is banana as it should be for Weizen. The taste has a little bit of flour and it is a bit dry (remember, I like “fat”). However, I would not call it flat or watery. It is quite full-bodied. In the aftertaste, too, banana and a little clove.

Very nice, smooth weizen. Better than many of the German private brands, which also went up in price. MPK in general continues to keep a good pricing policy. If AB InBew Efes started selling localized varieties at the same price as imports, Schlitz is cheaper.

German was 70-90 rubles, the Russian 54, which can not but rejoice. Schlitz Weissbier’s rating is “B.”


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Schlitz Weissbier
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