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Argus beer

Czech Republic

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Argus beer

There’s a new addition to the beer tent at the FoodCity. A beer called Argus. When I bought it, I couldn’t see who the producer was. There was a theory that it was something from the “producers” of Old Prague. The seller was also unable to clarify. Said he’d only just arrived today and hadn’t worked it out yet. By the way, he recognized me! Said – “Are you the one writing beer reviews? All sorts of nasty things about us.”

I have to say, that tent is directly from the importer. Well I can’t help it if they have all sorts of crap too. Business is business! If they buy it, they’ll bring it in. But it’s not all bad. They have interesting Vietnamese beers, and the Germans are nice too. It’s my job to write my opinion.

But back to Argus. On closer inspection with a trained eye, it turned out to be a line for the supermarket chain Lidl. It is brewed in the Czech brewery Konrad, which inspires some hope.


Argus 11 Premium (Czech Republic, Liberec) – 4.6/11 Aroma is strongly ferrous. In taste, however, much less iron, and after the beer to stand and breathe, and almost completely gone. The taste is malty, a little bit caramel. In the aftertaste grain and a good grassy and coarse hops. Typical Czech regional. If anyone misses it, you are welcome. Grade “C”.

Argus 12 Maestic (Czech Republic, Liberec) – 4.8/12 The twelve is certainly more interesting. The aroma is weak, but there is no iron. The body is full, malted. In the aftertaste pleasant hop. There is a little diacetyl, but what’s a Czech beer without it? Quite a pleasant pils. Rated B.

The price for all this joy was, like, 130 rubles, which isn’t expensive these days.


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Argus beer
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