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D`atour Royal Blond beer

Not too long ago I wrote about Champigneulles, a beer from the French brewery of the same name, on sale at K&B. The other day I bought D`atour Royal Blond from the same brewery at Stoffmarket. The importer is Global Imports. They also carry Wolpertinger, Grossmeister, and other STMs. Apparently, STM beers remain on the market and are still being imported. The bottling date for D`atour Royal Blond is as early as June 15, 2022 – very fresh.

D`atour Royal Blond (France, Champignol) – 6,2/14 Aroma is weak, slightly floral. Taste sweet, malted and caramel, but watery. In the aftertaste caramel, flowers and a light, though quite noticeable hop. A simple, unpretentious blonde. Bought for about 100 rubles. Rating of “C +”.

By the way, it was not in Untappd. Had to get it.


Alexandr Idzhon
D`atour Royal Blond beer

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