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Davidov Irish Stout, Zhigulyovskoye and Weissbier


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Davidov Irish Stout, Zhigulyovskoye and Weissbier

I introduced you to beers from the small brewery Davidov from Serpukhov, near Moscow, last December. Since then, they have brewed many more new products and recently brought three beers for tasting – Davidov Irish Stout, Zhigulyovskoye, and Weissbier. Surely, these styles won’t surprise Kraftseks, but classics are always classics. It’s not all “imperial saur with guava and unabi” to brew, someone thinks about people too!

Davidov Zhigulevskoye (Russia, Moscow region, Serpukhov) – 4/11 Aroma is fruity, slightly mineral. Tart taste and at the same time full. In the aftertaste of flowers, honey and chalk. Interesting and very drinkable beer, though not very similar to Zhigulyovskoye. Too much flavor. Grade “B”.

Davidov Irish Stout (Russia, Moscow region, Serpukhov) – 4/12 Burnt aroma and taste. Probably even too much, it makes you feel bitter and sour. The body is light and even hollow, although for the Irish Stout this is quite normal. If someone likes a dry burnt flavor, this beer will be nice. Rated C+.

Davidov Weissbier (Russia, Moscow region, Serpukhov) – 4,8/12 Aroma – like I like – banana-banana going to “bubblegum”! A little lackluster vigor, but this is also to a fan. I like it bold, powerful, and some like it drier. There are some herbaceous, floral notes. Nice weitzen, but when it stood and opened up, there were cardboard tones that spoiled the impression. Grade “C”.

Weitzen needs some work, but Zhigulyovskoye and Irish Stout are quite drinkable and enjoyable, I drank it with pleasure. Maybe in the fall we’ll go with Pavel Egorov to this brewery.


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Davidov Irish Stout
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