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I.O. Boiko and Kanapinis Tamsusis


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I.O. Boiko and Kanapinis Tamsusis

I had recently refused to buy beer from the Lithuanian company Aukštaitijos Bravorai, but my curiosity got the better of me again. Well, what if they have something good? For example, rye beer is an interesting thing! I couldn’t resist and bought it in Miratorg. One Kanapinis Tamsusis, and another (just rye) – I.O. Boiko from Tarušku Alaus Bravoras (essentially the same Aukštaitijos).

I.O. Boiko (Lithuania, Trakiskis) – 5/14 Rye ale. Rye beer, as a rule (but not always) has a distinct bread, kvass flavor. Here, on the other hand, there is a bread, rye note, but not very pronounced. Yes, there is a slight sourness and leavened tone, but more of a honey and malt tone. An interesting rendition of Rye Ale, but nothing more. Grade “C”.

Kanapinis Tamsusis (Lithuania, Trakiskis) – 5.3/12.2 No more rye malt here, but the kvass is also present. Caramel and some bread. Reminds of something “homemade. Grade “C-“.

No miracle. Both beers are very mediocre.


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I.O. Boiko
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