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Staravicé Pilsner beer

Czech Republic

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Staravicé Pilsner beer

When I pass through Ruza, I always try to stop by the “Shtofmarket” chain store. It has a very interesting assortment and often something new comes up. This time I bought several new beers, including Staravicé Pilsner.

Notice the label! Isn’t it original?! There’s the resemblance to Staropramen and even a proud inscription that it’s “Czech Craft”! Yes, it is STM, that is private brand. But, do not immediately accuse our importers, saying that they have not invented anything smarter and more creative. They are not alone in the universe! The Staravicé Pilsner brand is made for the Lidl chain (just like the Patronus beer familiar from the Pyatorochka chain store). Moreover, apart from Pilsner, I could not find any other Staravice. It is brewed at Konrad brewery, but it is possible that there are or were brews at other breweries.

Staravicé Pilsner (Czech Republic, Liberec) – 5/12 When you open the bottle, you immediately feel a strong tinged smell. After standing in the glass for a while, the smell has almost disappeared. The taste is malty, dry. Nice bright herbaceous hops. Not a bad Czech regional, like Konrad. Rated C+.


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Александр Иджон
Staravicé Pilsner beer
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