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Trechosenska import substitution – Bierburg, Püllitr Peny and Windmolen


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Trekhsosenskoye import substitution - Bierburg, Püllitr Peny and Windmolen

Let them go, they said! We can make our own beer, they said! As imported beer became scarce in the stores, domestic brewers naturally tried to occupy the vacant niches. First and foremost, the niche of cheap imports that had hampered them so much in recent years. Red and White always had a lot of imported beer at 50-60 rubles, but now it has either disappeared or become much more expensive. The Trekhsosensky brewery apparently tried to take that place.

I must say that in some ways they succeeded. They succeeded in design. Indeed, you would think that this is another STM (private brand) brewed at some Eibauer or Eichbaum. But no – the Trekhsosensky plant, as it were!


Bierburg (Russia, Ulyanovsk) – 4,5/11 Pure and empty lager. Aroma is very weak with CO2. The taste is malty. There is a bit of rough hops. Grade “C”.

Půllitr Pěny (Ulyanovsk, Russia) – 4.9/12 And this is a hack for the Czech Republic, like “a pint of foam” (or half a liter of foam?). Aroma is weak, taste is empty, malted. In the aftertaste grain and rags. This is probably the only difference from the “German” Bierburg. Grade “C”.

Windmolen (Russia, Ulyanovsk) – 5/13 And this is Holland! No, I think the Ulyanovsk marketers have not heard about de Molen or at least not about it. Just an association, Holland – windmills. But for some reason the style chosen Zwickelbier (not Weizen, as some thought!). In principle, a normal zwickelbier. Soft, malty, slightly yeasty. Clean enough. C+ grade.

If we disregard the fact that this is “mock” imports, in principle, about this beer (well, maybe a little cleaner) and you can buy for 60 rubles. The Czechs were often even worse.


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