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Beer Zhyguliowska 80

Let’s continue the topic of Zhigulyovskoye (but not Zhiguli!). The comments have repeatedly written on the subject of nostalgic design and other cosplay of the USSR in brewing – why no one releases beer with “banana” labels? I think that the main reason is that the labeling line has to be greatly reconfigured to glue not on the “body” of the bottle, but on the neck. They don’t want to bother with it, especially since they still need to affix a back label, since they can’t put all the information they need on the “banana”.

But if people want it, so it will be! Lidskoe Beer has released a series of Zhygulovskoye (Zhygulovskoye) in the style of the 1980s. And the labels are of different kinds. Bought in Globus for a hell of a price of 119 rubles!!! Probably somewhere cheaper, but still, not cheap. Nevertheless, judging by the half-empty shelf, people are actively buying. So the design worked.

Zhigulyovskoye ’80 (Belarus, Lida) – 5.5/13 As you can see from the specifications, this is no longer “Zhigulyovskoye”. Most likely, it’s the usual “Lidskoye”.  The aroma is sweet, with hints of fruit. The taste is also sweet, quite clean, a little bready. There is even a hop in the aftertaste, but it is coarse. Overall, you can drink it, but more for nostalgic subjects. Under it you can also wobble. By the way, there are also large bubbles in the bottle, which admirers of “that very” so like, but in fact indicate a high protein content, which is not good.  “C” rating.


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Александр Иджон
Zhigulyovskoye '80 beer
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