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Beer from Gellert & Wild Goat – Astrakhan


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Beer from Gellert & Wild Goat - Astrakhan

I will continue about the beer tried in the Astrakhan region. If there is a region, then there must be a Kraft? Especially since the same brewery from Gribkov was taken somewhere here. But, Gellert & Wild Goat is certainly not it. Gellert, it’s a group of companies (breweries, lemonade plants, bottlers, bars, etc.).

This beer is brewed in a new brewery, on the equipment of MBS (Czech Republic), with the help (TZKT at least) Russian Polyfilter.

As we can see the approach is serious. The design for a regional brewery is excellent. Not gaudy, not gypsy.

The first thing I tried (just so happened) was non-alcoholic. What can I say – quite good. Yes, the malt theme and everything, but fermented most likely with a new “non-alcoholic” yeast, like WSL-17. Plus, it’s nicely hopped.

Gellert Premium Lager (Russia, Astrakhan) – 4.5/12 There is practically no carbonation, like in all the other beers. Let’s put it down to the ace problems with CO2 at the moment. But, in all other respects, also quite bad. A fruity aroma and aftertaste. And the fruit is exactly from oxidation, aging. Plus cardboard and diacetyl. A complete set of defects. Sad. Rated “D+”.

Gellert Premium Red (Russia, Astrakhan) – 4,5/12 Caramel malt slightly covers the defects (as usual). Caramel, fruit and all the same diacetyl. In the aftertaste a little bit of red berries. Rated “C-“.

Gellert Premium Weizen (Russia, Astrakhan) – 4,3/12 Aroma weak banana. Sour taste, and a bit hollow at the same time. In the aftertaste of the sour note is mixed with a banana, but not distinctly. No cloves at all. It looks like they abused the Weitzen yeast without giving it a normal temperature or pressure. A very, very, mediocre Weitzen. Rated C-.

Too bad. After a non-alcoholic, had high hopes for this beer. I wouldn’t rule out it being much better and more enjoyable fresh. But, what was in the fridge at the base is very mediocre and even let’s say bad in places.


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