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Beer from Solnechny Brewery and Kreisberg


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Beer from Solnechny Brewery in Rostov

Now a little bit about the beer that was sampled on the fishing trip. In case anyone doesn’t know, I went to the Akhtuba for two weeks. Anticipating questions – the bite wasn’t great, but we caught some fish. There were no trophy fish. Nor was there any particularly interesting beer. In fact the purpose was to catch fish, instead of driving around on breweries and bars.

Beer from the Rostov “Solnechny” brewery, I bought at some bottling house in Kharabali. I did not expect anything at all interesting from it. The beers of most southern breweries are dirty, little-hopped lagers, which, if they are to be drunk, must be accompanied by fish, in order to overpower the defects.

We had fish. I braced myself for the worst!

Kardymovskoye (Russia, Rostov-on-Don) – 4.2/11 Aroma is pure malt. Taste empty, but also clean, without “southern” dirt in the form of cardboard and diacetyl. In the aftertaste malt, very light hops. In general, a quality Eurolager, which in the heat of 43 degrees, which was in the Astrakhan region, drank very well. Rated C+.

What is interesting, the beer “Kardymovskoye” is sometimes attributed to Smolensk Varnitsa, but it seems that it is brewed at “Solnechnoye” and is connected to Varnitsa through distribution and the Lit.ra network.

Barkhatnoe (Russia, Rostov-on-Don) – 4.5/12 Also clean, without defects. Taste soft, caramel, as it should be “velvet. Less sweet than the same Tomskoye, but maybe it is even better. A little bit of sweet berries in the aftertaste. Rated “C+”.

Taste of the 90s (Russia, Rostov-on-Don) – 4/11 And this beer is from the Stavropol brewery “Kreisberg”. The year before last I bought “Boiler” beer from this brewery at the same taproom.

The taste is unique and easily recognizable. A refreshing bitterness and subtle noble aroma of a worthy traditional beer.

So says the official description. Nothing unique, bitter and aromatic in it. To be fair to say – clean. Nothing more to praise. Empty, depressing, malted. And a hell of a naming, of course. Rated “C”.


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