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Beer Glubina from Kozhevnikovo brewery


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Beer Glubina from Kozhevnikovo brewery

A little less than a year ago, I wrote about a beer from the Kozhevnikovo brewery in the Tomsk region. Here’s another novelty from them – Glubina beer. Claimed to be a “dense beer,” although the ENS is only 13%. In terms of style, it passes for Pale Lager in the untappd.

Glubina (Russia, Tomsk region, Kozhevnikovo village) – 5.4/13 Color is still not like Pale Lager. Amber, cloudy. About the “abyss of flavor,” I would also argue. The aroma is weak, caramel. Caramel and dried fruits as in the compote are in the aftertaste. Not to say that would be bad. You can drink it if you want, but very mediocre. Grade “C”.


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Beer Glubina
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