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El Capulco beer


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El Capulco beer

AB InBewEFES is sticking to its strategy of leaving the price of imports on the license. El Capulco, of course, is not a license, but some local brand, but clearly made to replace the defunct Mexican Corona. Therefore the price of it from a hundred rubles and above.

Many have already laughed at the naming. What, what Capulco?! – El Capulco! In this regard, the old joke came to mind.

One Spaniard asks another.

– Do you know what the English call a cerveza?

– What?

– El!

– … El what?…

Anyway, it’s a good name, not worse than Jatek Goose :) . Beachy Mexican beer lovers will be fine. But they could also call it Acapulco. As for the price, it seems to me that they decided to do so far, and if sales start to fall when people realize that this and many other things are now a license, they can lower it. It is easier to reduce than to increase.

El Capulco (Russia, Kaluga) – 4.5/11.3 When I opened the bottle, a little flavor came out, which is strange. Clearly, a transparent bottle, but in the manufacture of such a beer a special, light resistant hop is used. In the glass, though, after about five minutes it was gone.

The beer itself, in keeping with the Mexican Lager style, is hollow, malty, with almost no hops. Malt water for quenching thirst on the beach. Served ice-cold, so you certainly can’t taste any of the flavors. Rated “C.”

Alexandr Idzhon
El Capulco

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