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Korean beer Kloud

South Korea

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Korean beer Kloud

More and more beers from Asia are appearing on the shelves. You can’t surprise anyone with Chinese beer anymore. Here comes a beer from South Korea as well. I bought two Kloud beers from Lotte Chilsung Beverage in Aromatic World. Lotte Chilsung is not just a beer, it’s a big corporation producing various beverages. Occupies 35% of the entire Asian market. Produces its own brands as well as bottling under contract brands of multinational brands.

In its marketing, the Klou brand emphasizes the fact that beer is brewed without the use of “high gravity” technology, where a dense wort is brewed and then diluted to the right concentration. It’s strange that no one here is peddling this topic.

Kloud Draft (South Korea, Seoul) – 4.5/ Clean, smooth Eurolager. With a minimum of aromatics, malty, mellow, but after a couple of sips you can find some hops. A simple beer for hot climates. C+ rating.

Kloud Original (South Korea, Seoul) – 5/ Basically the same, but a little denser, which makes it a little more malty. Also clean and too hops on the minimum, but there are. Rated C+.

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Kloud beer
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